FERRO SYSTEMS is a company that belongs to Grupo Plásticos Ferro (GPF), leader in the plastic pipes and fittings sector in Spain and Portugal, and the fifth in Europe. FERRO SYSTEMS was created with the aim of transferring the experience and know-how of a great group to different countries, offering integral solutions to any type of need in the field of piping and ducting, forming part of our clients’ business development and participating in new projects where our contribution is beneficial and effective.

Our long history has enabled us to acquire a series of strengths which provide us with an important competitive advantage in the market:

  • · LEADING GROUP in the sector, made up of COMPANIES SPECIALISING in different areas.
  • · Maximum QUALITY control.
  • · INTEGRAL SERVICE offering customised solutions and the optimisation of shipping costs.
  • · Industrial plants with the latest TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATIONS.
  • · Great MANUFACTURING capacity.
  • · CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENTS to machinery and processes.
  • · AWARENESS and ACCEPTANCE of the different brands in the market.
  • · Extensive SALES network.
  • · Large domestic and international CLIENT PORTFOLIO
  • · SOLIDITY in financial and economic results.